Counseling, Art Therapy & Play Therapy for Children, Families, and Adults

Carbondale Counseling Associates utilizes creative, innovative, and individualized approaches to therapy which makes therapy a fun and relaxing experience, while still contributing to personal growth and change.

Carbondale Counseling Associates is excited about the opportunity to help you and/or your children navigate the struggles of childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Whether an ongoing issue such as autism or mental illness, or an acute issue like a recent trauma or loss, Carbondale Counseling Associates focuses on creative, fun, and innovative approaches to treatment. Our offices include a dedicated play room, three rooms for expressive arts therapy, and a beautiful outdoor therapy garden, making it one-of-a-kind in Southern Illinois

Many people find traditional verbal counseling intimidating. However, play therapy and art therapy are non-threatening treatment options that bypass defenses and create a positive experience for the participant.

Play therapy and art therapy are fun, innovative, and progressive approaches to treatment. Play therapy is a counseling modality that requires specialized training, experience and supervision. Play therapy is appropriate for children of all ages with a wide variety of clinical concerns. Play therapy utilizes art making, games, and dramatic play to help children process challenges and solve problems. Art therapy is a specialty within the counseling field requiring specialized education and post-graduate experience and supervision. Participants engage in self-exploration and therapy through creative activities such as painting, drawing, mask making, doll making, and collage. Both play therapy and art therapy help keep the therapeutic process fun and engaging.

Carbondale Counseling Associates is committed to reaching children, adolescents, and adults through treatment methods that are relevant and effective. If you think that play therapy or art therapy would be effective for you or your child, please call or email us to schedule an appointment today.

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